Best PC Shop Sun Lakes

Hello again.  Is your computer still running slow.  That should make it easier to chase down.  Or maybe corral it down to the best pc shop in sun lakes az.  To find the shop call around and ask your friends.  Computer are becoming more and more important to all of us these days so I think that we should try to keep them running as best we can.


Windows Classic Start

Every wonder why Microsoft has to change things for no reason.  After all, the start menu has been around for many years.  We have all grown used to clicking on it to get to all of our programs.  Sure desktop shortcuts are nice, and tablets are up and coming.  But why get rid of the start menu.  If you feel the same way you can download Windows Classic Start.  I load this on every Windows 8 computer I work on and everyone is so thankful for it. I wish I had written the program myself so I could charge each customer I am sure they would pay 20 dollars for it.  You can download the program at Ninite or from their main page

All in one VPN solution DD-WRT

Do you need a cheap and easy vpn solution.  The best way to go for that is to get a DD-WRT router.  This is by far the most cost effective solution for a PPTP vpn.  But what is a PPTP VPN?  PPTP is a point-to-point tunneling protocol.  It was developed by Microsoft which is why it is such a good solution.  With DD-WRT you can load a custom firmware on a variety on routers an have your own VPN client endpoint.  This can be used for securely viewing cameras remotely, file server access printer access and so much more.

Laptop Repair Sun lakes AZ

Is you laptop broken in Sun Lakes AZ.  Try and find the best laptop repair store sun lakes az.  Laptop repair is different than desktop repair.  Laptops are much smaller and more intricitly put together.  You cannot just take a part out and try a different one.  This makes troubleshooting more difficult.  Any tech can remove a video card from a desktop and put a new one in.  But what happens on your laptop if the screen is white.  Is it a driver, the motherboard, an add on board, the GPU or a cable that needs to be reseated.  You have to find an expert laptop repair specialists in the sun lakes area who you can trust.  If will save you a lot of money.

Automate software installations – Ninite

Are you tired on clicking next-next-next-ok-next.  When installing software.  Or having to go to 10 sites to get all of the software you want on a new computer or reload.  The best thing that you can do is use Ninite.  The website has the most popular software out there.  By simply checking a few boxes you and clicking get installer you can automatically install almost all the software you need on your new build or reformatted computer.


In addition you can see what popular software is out there.

Sun Lakes computer repair virus removal

If your computer is running slow or you get annoying popups.  You may be a victim of a virus/malware infection.  Not only are these issues annoying.  They could potentially lead to someone stealing your identity, sending emails and infecting your friends computers, and so many other malicious things.  You want to make sure you take you computer to the best store possible.  One with integrity and will get the job done right and completely.  Some people will remove the nuisance but not fully clean the computers.  


If you think that you are at risk  there are some tools you can run on your own.

The following are free for home use.


Super anti Spyware



Ink absorber box full on Brother Printer

I have run into this problem many times on Brother printers.  Usually the box is only half full and the sponge used to absord the excess ink is mostly white.  There is a trick you can use to remove the error code without replacing the box.  You do run the risk of ink spilling out but if you only do this once it should not be a problem.  Here are the steps.This ony works on certain printers.  Use at your own risk.

1.  press menu/set *2,8,6,4

2.  Press 8 and 0 keys in order

3.  Press Black Start several times until the purge or flushing count appears on the LCD

4.  Press 2, 7, 8, and 3 keys in this order

5.  Press stop /exit

6.  press 99  to get out of maintenance mode.